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Lead yourself so that you can lead others

Inspired by nearly a decade of leadership development efforts across various types of personalities and disciplines, Pro Leadership Development’s series of workshops offer unique strategies that aspire to propagate personal and professional discovery and growth. Our approach? In order to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself. It is only through the development of one’s self awareness that you will begin to identify with and realize your true potential, the potential of our society and how we can influence those around us.





About Us

Pro Leadership Development, LLC is a Morgantown, WV based company spun out of nearly a decade of leadership development efforts by its creators from West Virginia University. The direct result and exposure of extensive years of classroom, laboratory and advanced research and development experience in the fostering and direct connection of budding leaders to the leadership development process has led to the creation of this insightful series of workshops. Inspired by decades of leadership development across various types of professions, disciplines, and personalities, Pro Leadership Development's series of workshops offers unique strategies that aspire to propagate personal and professional leadership discovery and growth.

Developmental Programs

Our programs include single and half day workshops, on-site and online classes, and lectures. In order to develop as a leader it takes personal initiative and intent. Our programs apply strategies that train you to develop your unique sense of intent and ambition. By honing in on your goals, you are able to create an initiative to improve and develop yourself as a leader. These programs give you the capabilities to be the best and to expect more from yourself and others.


We currently offer the team-based series of workshops, “The Intended You” that enables the leader within. These interactive workshops will provide an in-depth overview of what the individual wants to be in all aspects of their personal and professional life. These workshops ultimately give the individual and the teams they are working with the intent to be better, do better and lead others to be better. (WORKSHOPS CURRENTLY BEING SCHEDULED IN 2016 ON A NATIONAL CIRCUIT.)


Pro Leadership Development offers a series of tailored classes that will enable the individual to create a better leadership role within their organization. These classes are specifically tailored to the individual organizational needs combined with the needs of the students. This specifically developed series of classes will combine in-person interactions, with interactive software that will encourage the individual to write down goals, learn what those goals mean and create a timeline for achieving those goals. (CONTRACTED AND TAILORED UPON REQUEST)

Lecture Series

Pro Leadership Development offers motivational lectures on the importance of leadership and leadership development. These crucial talks are tailored for organizational, civic, and other groups. While the lecture details will vary based on the organization or group’s needs, the underlying principles being taught revolve around ways to better lead. This involves not only our personal lives, but also our organizations and communities, and how doing so enhances us personally and creates opportunities to foster that growth in those around us. (SCHEDULED UPON REQUEST)


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